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On Self-Compassion

Dearest of all beings in the world - Renee,

You are amazing. I love you. I love you so much sometimes I feel like I need to beat you up with words so you don’t get too full of yourself. Humbleness is a great quality to possess you see, as is humility.

On Solitude

You asked me what it was about being alone that I liked...

I like the silence, the sound of nothing filling the air, save my breath. Sometimes I like the sound of music - that of my favorite artist, filling the room, my room. Without anyone telling me quieter, louder or skip to the next track.

in a city of over 10 million, on this night, she found herself alone. in mind, body, and soul. it had been some time since she last felt this way. she had fought against feeling this way for so long, denied its existence entirely and as a matter of fact, found distractions to disable them, however temporarily.

i dreamt last night. i don't dream that often anymore. wait, that's not true. someone once told me that we always dream, but most of the time, we just don't remember them. well, i dreamt last night. i know i did because i remember it. i remember it pretty well. i remember it pretty well because i was paralyzed by fear.

it happened quickly, an indistinguishable blur, like in one of those movies where they fast-forward everything, so that the people look as though they're skating through space, lifelessly, the clouds travel speedily through the air, the trees appear blown by gusts of wild winds, the buildings... the only things stagnant. it happened like that, but with the things inside what was once my home.