Thirty(-two) before Thirty

Thirty(-two) before Thirty


Since it's a new year and only a little less than 3 years now till my 30th birthday, I figured I'd compile (it's never too late) a list of 30 (plus 2) things to check off before 30. They are an assortment of random things that I've always wanted to do or have dreamed of accomplishing (literally) and thus are very personal to me. There's a good chance though that a few might have also appeared on a Buzzfeed article... So! here we are, 30 (+/- 2) things to check off before turning 30 (in no particular order):

1) Speak Spanish fluently

2) Travel through Europe

3) Travel through South America

4) Travel somewhere new solo (soon to be check!)

5) Buy a house, one that my momma can also live in

6) Appear on television (check!)

7) Go skydiving

8) Become great at one form of dance - can be salsa, or pole dancing

9) Get a six-pack - or at least a four-pack - and maintain it

10) Live in a foreign country (check!)

11) Go scuba diving at least once, or get PADI certified

12) Get 3 pieces of writing published - can be opinion columns, features, etc. OR publish an e-book

13a) If things with M work out, be proposed to (just want to be asked - try not to judge)

13b) If things with M don't work out, have a one night stand (again, try not to judge)

14) Learn to cook 3 solid dishes and make them my own

15) Get certified in some form of fitness - yoga, barre method, etc.

16) Be able to do a handstand in free form and hold it

17) Host a legitimate dinner party during a legitimate holiday

18) Try a fast (check!)

19) Go to Burning Man

20) Volunteer for a cause (check!)

21) Get a tattoo (check!)

22) Splurge on one materialistic item that will last a "lifetime" - something that can be passed down 

23) See my favorite band in a different country

24) Try a hallucinogen

25) Run a marathon

26) Swim in the ocean naked (check!)

27) Go off the grid for at least 5 days (soon to be check!)

28) Go to Carnival or Oktoberfest - or some kind of big festival in a foreign country outside of US and China

29) Go to a salsa congress

30) Live alone (soon to be check!)

31) Learn to lucid dream

32) Start a business

It's a pretty ambitious list considering how most of these have not yet been accomplished and there are really only 2+ years left before the big 3-0. Some of them might have a bit more leeway, i.e - buy a house, be proposed to (that one's really just for the sake of my ego), hence why there are 32 things rather than 30, in case two of those don't pan out in time. Throwing this out into the Universe and turning it into reality these next few years. Manifest. Your. Destiny.

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