Falling for the Fad that is Juice Cleansing (Part Dos)

Fast forward to...

DAY 6, MONDAY - PRESENT MOMENT: Decided to skip DAY 7 of cleansing not because I CAN'T do it but because I don't WANT to. Eating and drinking what I want when I want is an ACTIVITY that I enjoy and it brings me happiness and variety. I don't want to go through another day of my life without that kind of joy. Plus 6 days on juice is sufficient and I'm now happy to be stuffing my face with cake and wine (despite it tasting like cork because I don't know how to properly open a wine bottle).

Will eventually rewind and write about the previous however many miserable days, but maybe not. Point is, I'M HAPPY NOW :-D


Thirty(-two) before Thirty

Thirty(-two) before Thirty

Falling for the Marketing Fad that is Juice Cleansing (Part Uno)