Falling for the Marketing Fad that is Juice Cleansing (Part Uno)

So years later, I've fallen for the marketing fad that is juice cleansing. I've given people many reasons as to why I finally decided to go through with it. They're all legitimate reasons, though I have to admit that ultimately, I'm just a sucker when it comes to marketing fads.

Today is DAY 4, Saturday. Woke up without the alarm at 7AM feeling very much awake. Fell back asleep 40 minutes later after checking e-mails and surfing the web. Woke back up at 9:45AM and felt okay. No pangs of hunger yet (other juice cleansing victims have said that by DAY 4, you're like "WHAT IS HUNGER?!"). Did however wake up to intense thirst followed by several trips to the little girl's room.

Backlogging now to...

DAY 1, Wednesday. Woke up sluggishly with the alarm at 7AM feeling very much not awake and wishing I hadn't signed up for the Barre Extend class at 7:30AM. Talked myself out of staying in the warm comforts of my down blanket and dragged my ass to class. Came back, showered, primped and went to work. Drank some ginger lemon tea as I waited and waited for my first set of juices to arrive. Started feeling hungry around 11AM, but the hunger was masked by the excitement of trying something new, something different. Feeling very eager to see how much of a challenge this was actually going to be. Juice delivery (finally!) arrived around 12PM, and I slowly sipped my first green bottle (veggies) to make it last the hour. It didn't do much to fill the emptiness in my tum-tum so I continued on with the second bottle (nut milk), which was YUM and went down quickly. By 2PM, I was on my third bottle (beet root) and realizing that time goes by so much slower when you stop eating food. By 5PM and five bottles of juice later, hunger from a marketing fad is no longer a first world problem but a very, very real one and I'm trying to remember WTF I decided to do this in the first place. 6:30PM rolls around and it's time to leave work. Luckily, I had no prior dinner plans this evening but Bex asks to meet for gingerbread lattes. I cry a little inside but we meet anyway, her with her warm, sweet, cinnamon-y gingerbread latte and me with my hot-watered-down-sesame-flavored-something-bottle-of-juice. Feeling pretty physically drained and a bit weak, I excused myself like a polite grandma would and headed home around 9:30PM. Fell asleep a short while later feeling somewhat accomplished, a little proud and dreaming of banana pancakes.

To be continued...

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