What You Said

every word you've said tonight resonates with crystal clear understanding. they are the very thoughts i've had in my own mind, but had yet crystallized to the point of expression, unlike the fluid coherence you exuded in your communication of your reflections and sentiments to me.

there was one particular point that struck me as especially true, valid. it was the part about going into a commitment 100%. you said, once your mind was made up, once you had decided to devote yourself to another, that that was just what you would do. and you would be happy. you are also perceptive and cognizant enough to recognize that if a person does not go into it at a full 100%, even if it is at 99.9%, that right there in itself, though it may not reveal itself at first, is a weakened foundation, a potential recipe for failure. i couldn't agree more with this. i couldn't have said it better. it was as if you took my very thoughts, rearranged it linearly - so that it became cogent and intelligible - and then verbalized it.

i would be lying, however, if i said that i was 100% mentally and emotionally ready going into this particular commitment.


Rabbit Hole