christmas time

what is it about this time of the year that's so joyous for some, while the rest of us drown in feelings of nostalgia, of things that once were, of things that could be?

it's the end of the year. another year past. another year to be archived into that little box of memories.

it's time to reminisce and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of earlier this year, in the comfort of your own home, with warm smiles, laughter, eggnog, surrounded by all your loved ones.


it's time to sit down and reflect. alone.

looking across the way, through a steamed window, a family gathers around the warmth of the fireplace, the mother wears a maroon cable knit sweater. her hands wrapped around a giant white mug, her legs curled under her as she takes her place snugly into the love-seat. she looks on at her children, dressed in their holiday thermal pajamas, bouncing in excitement at the bundles of colorfully wrapped presents under the evergreen pine tree.

the little train goes around and around. it blows.

the father comes in carrying a tray, swaying his hips to the melody of a christmas carol.

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