stole it

"love isn't easy but it shouldn't be hard.
loving is living love, and living in love, and showing it and feeling it and seeing it.
love is going to sleep with a kiss and a whisper and waking up to a hug and a smile.
love should be the kind words in the back of your head and the support from the sidelines whether you are ahead or behind. love should be the one constant, the one thing you know. love isn't name calling and threats and broken promises, love is baby and i love you and forevers. love is a feeling of oneness from hundreds of miles away, and a single being when together. love is what i feel for you, let's please let all of these other things come true, 'cause baby you're my one i know it now baby i do.
there are times when i can't put my finger on the cause of tension between us, and if you think maybe my feelings and heart are misled then tell me, i'm not looking to break your heart or have mine broken. no distance or lust or immature bickering, none of that matters. when i'm with you, i'm with the world. when i hold you, i hold the world. and i don't ever want to let that go."

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