telephone poetry part i by m. wilder

"...But how do you know that you MORE than love me??" she inquired curiously.

"Hmmmmm..." He searched his memory of recent times past. And after a quick query, the truth flowed freely like a stream in early Spring, trickling into the vast reality of this open world...

"By the sound of your voice," he replied, in the most confident of tones. "By the way you scratch my head at night... By the way you look at me..." He could see her now, in his mind... A silent smile... Maybe even a hint of blush spreading over her plump cheeks.

"Hahaha..." she chuckled. "Wait, is this the reason YOU more than love ME? Or the reason I more than love YOU?" She had brought up a valid question...

The man smiled, and thought, "It doesn't matter, GF (Gush Factory)." Then he concluded their piece:

"...and by a knowing, that you ARE me... And I AM you..."

He was right... And she knew it.

i've never known to have anyone write anything about me or for me until recently... and i quite like it.

see you soon

Dear Mama