he says, time is a tangible thing -

step outside the box

and time is but another memory,

like all other memories,

to be stored -

picked out at leisure,

at any given moment,

in all moments

it is but another point or point(s) in this matrix

of multiple dimensions

that we are at once all

and none a part of

he says, i am a spectator -

an audience to my own life

birth, life and death

occur simultaneously

and flash before his lucid blue eyes

this is not an idea, a theory, a philosophy even -

but an approach to simplify those complexities change brings

to our infinite (and) mercurial lives

there is no beginning and there is no end

all that exist(ed), exist(s) and (will)exist in nature

is here and nowhere, now and never

in his esoteric sphere of reality


this generation