Loneliness to Solitude

it happened quickly, an indistinguishable blur, like in one of those movies where they fast-forward everything, so that the people look as though they're skating through space, lifelessly, the clouds travel speedily through the air, the trees appear blown by gusts of wild winds, the buildings... the only things stagnant. it happened like that, but with the things inside what was once my home.

loveseat. gone. tv. gone. desk. gone. table. gone. chair. gone. chair. gone. chair. gone. dresser. gone. nightstand. gone. bed. gone.

the fast-forwarding comes to a violent halt, and too soon i stand in the middle of an empty room, facing the naked walls that have bared witness to the intimacies and intricacies of my life with him for the past three plus years. just like that. i found myself completely and utterly alone.

an attempt at explicating the inexplicable