VOGUE:: Sweet Child of Mine

Thought this editorial fits perfectly well into the black & white scheme that has been going on lately (on ze blog). Actually, my life as of late seems to be defined by binary oppositions too. Whatever happened to finding a median? You know, that grey (or is it gray? I can never get it right) area between the two extremes?

Anyhow, I suppose the gloriousness of Vogue Nippon is not only limited to Anna Dello Russo, but to their editorials as well. Not that I would really know... since acquiring copies of foreign Vogue issues either breaks the bank or proves mission impossible. Nevertheless, the power of the Internet these days, right?

The below editorial is pulled from the July 2009 issue. The girl is model-on-the-rise Abbey Lee, quite a stunner, isn't she? Check all the ridiculous leather.

Giiiiirl, how you look so good?

 photo VOGUENIPPON-Abbey1.jpg
 photo VOGUENIPPON-Abbey2.jpg
 photo VOGUENIPPON-Abbey3.jpg
 photo VOGUENIPPON-Abbey5.jpg
 photo VOGUENIPPON-Abbey6.jpg
 photo VOGUENIPPON-Abbey7.jpg


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