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Okay, I'm going to try to keep this as short as possible, but succinctness has never been my strong point. I like to accessorize with adjectives, unnecessary allegories and all that, so sorry if I fail here :0/

Had a fantastic weekend in SF on Friday and LA on Saturday (went to a friend's birthday - happy birthday again Linds! And yes, I'm so happy I got to jump out of the closet and scare the hell out of you. Success!)

I recently started working for Nasty Gal, so if you haven't yet checked the site, go and check out the amazing vintage and new clothing. It also doesn't hurt that we now carry the Sam Edelman Zoe Boots everyone has been infatuated with since last year. I'm trying to collect my pennies...
Oh, and be sure to check out the Nasty Gal blog also - I'm contributing!

 photo August09-Day122.jpg
 photo August09-Day129.jpg
 photo August09-Day125.jpg

The top in these pictures is made by the amazingly talented and ridiculously awesome China Le of With Asian Stereotypes. Be sure to check out her store (if you want to be stunned by creativity).

Apologies for the excessive linkage in this post! Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend!

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