SELF:: Slowly melting...

So, so, so, so sorry for the lack of posts lately... I've been really sporadic of late and there's been a lot of stuff going on in my personal life as well as in my work life. And, while things are more or less working itself out in both, there have been a lot of changes and as much as I welcome change, it's not always easy.

Anyhow, my blogging habits probably won't improve in the next week... I'm heading out to the deliciously scandalous Las Vegas again on Sunday with Sophia (Founder / Owner) over at ShopNastyGal, and we'll be there till Wednesday checking out various fashion trade shows, buying, not buying and all that jazz.

It's going to pretty much be a 24/7 work day... but for 4 days straight. I've been warned - lots of walking, lots of heat and sweat, loads of papers and lookbooks to sort through, lots of people to reject. I'm super excited, but maybe just a little anxious?

 photo Vegas-Invite4.jpg
That is... until my Gmail started to get bombarded with party invitations... and THAT made me quite more excited than anxious. I don't know yet if we'll physically be able drag our exhausted bodies to one, but the invitations (as well as the option) makes me giddy enough.
 photo Vegas-Invite1.png

DJ Samantha Ronson? I'm totally feeling a TMZ - Lindsay Lohan moment here... Heh.

AND YES, I REALIZE HOW CHEESY IT IS THAT I'M POSTING THESE. WHATEVER! It's my blog, right? Now, my only concern it what to bring to wear, what to wear, what to wear?!

Alive... I think.

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