thoughts during boredom

people are boring.

at the end of the night, you realize that all you really want is to be understood.

but, no one else in the world could possibly ever understand the complexities of another's thoughts. sometimes, you just don't even understand your own thoughts, desires, dreams. it's confusing, it's misleading, and often times, it's contradictory.

so does that make people less boring?


because everyone shares the same complexes... and it takes more than words to explain, puns to be understood, allegories to be analyzed, but it remains, that for the most part, we are all lost.

spend a moment, by yourself, sans the technologies of modern day that allow you to connect and stay connected to another, process your own thoughts, emotions. really, really BE... ALONE...

is it your age? gender? race? none of that matters. the commonality remains, we are alone, yet we are one.

SELF:: Slowly melting...

VANITY FAIR:: It's a cruel cruel world, to face on your own, a heavy cross, to carry alone...