VANITY FAIR:: Two outfits, one pair of shoes

Saw The Hangover this week... 'tis was amazing. There's a new Brad in town, and it ain't the Pitt. I don't think I stopped laughing ever, except for the part when you see the Chinese dude's privates, to which my immediate reaction - like a ten-year-old's awkward first encounter with onscreen intimacy before her parents - was eeeeeeewwwwwwww. And then I thought... how unremarkable it is of the producers to stereotype against poor Asian men and their genitals, communicating to audiences this notion that Caucasian men are somehow superior than Asian men as illustrated per size of penis... and so went the shambolic rantings in the mind of a communications major. Meh.

On another note, it's been beyoooooootiful out in California the last couple days. I prefer cold to extremely hot weather - only because I'm completely useless when it's warmer than 85 degrees - but 75 to 80 is perfect in my book.

I actually have a ton more to say, but The Tudors is a-calling as is a little glass of vodka tonic.
Top & suspenders: AA Shorts: F21, UO Shoes: Aldo

VOGUE:: 25 cents 'til midnight

Um no