Emily Didonato is beautiful

I realized something this week as I questioned why I all of a sudden felt very little desire to blog and read blogs. There's this constant pressure to regularly update my blog, to comment on other's blogs as if it were some popularity contest that I simply could not lose, waking up every morning wondering if somebody had indeed commented, checking for new followers, making sure I dress well enough every morning so that I might take some pictures later, reading through other girls' blogs - all of whom are devastatingly beautiful, stylistic-ly talented, long, thin...

I mean, don't we all kind of want to be like Rumi? Alli (of 4th and Bleeker)? Okay, maybe not necessarily that we want to be them, but there's definitely envy there - of their clothes, of their bodies, face, whatever, of their successful blogs and getting free shit. Yeah, definitely that.

But I do want to say that I already feel like I have met some amazing people... simply by regularly posting comments on your blogs and getting comments from you, I hope this will continue and perhaps someday, if we're living in the same town, we might even be able to become friends... for that reason, I don't believe I could ever stop blogging. You are all amazing girls (and boys, if there are any?)

So... I apologize for any changes that may incur in the coming weeks to my blog - it will remain a fashion blog, but there may be some changes in content, layout and I will be posting less frequently - I'm committing myself to two posts a week for now, which is plenty.

For now, enjoy Emily Didonato... another beautiful girl.

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