VANITY FAIR:: Woke up quick at about noon...

...thought I had to be in Compton soon... remember this song by Dynamite Hack "Boyz in the Hood"?! Hah.

Decided to practice my photography skills today... on myself. Self portraits. I can't shoot other people if my photography skills suck, now can I? I managed to teach myself how to adjust the shutter speed and aperture, but it takes time to figure out the best combinations as it varies with lighting.

Oh, I'm obsessed with these bloomer shorts by the way. Have been for awhile, so when I spotted them on Stylish Wanderer here, I wanted to die! Noooooooo!!!! I had them first!!!! [stomp! stomp! stomp! goes my feet]
UO Blazer: Vintage CK Bottoms: AA

SELF:: Bloglovin'

BAZAAR:: Neon-colored bike shorts