VANITY FAIR:: Holes dig in and surround me...

I've been in LA visiting family and friends the last few days... and it has been quite shocking the difference in clothing selection between the stores down here (Zara, F21, H&M, Urban, etc) and those in the Bay Area. H&M sucks (or maybe it just sucks right now period), Urban is pretty good, Zara is okay, and F21 is okay. I'm speaking from the experience of having frequented Old Town Pasadena, Brea Mall and the Promenade in Santa Monica For the most part, I've stuck with the small boutique stores in SM and of course, Fred Segal. Expensive purchases, but I've purchased mostly basics... which are ever-so-slightly cheaper. I finally got my Elizabeth & James double-cross ring... it's not very clear in these photographs, but nevertheless.

Pardon the super-boring outfit... I sent my grand-mama off at the airport today so it called for a old t-shirt that can withstand a ton of sodium chloride.
Top: Poppa's hole-y shirt Bottoms: DIY F21 Shoes: Aldo Ring: Elizabeth & James Jewelry: Vintage, H&M

SELF:: My eyes hurt

VANITY FAIR:: Two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl...