VANITY FAIR:: First DIY experience ever!

I'm super stoked to say that these jeans were my first do-it-yourself experience ever, and they turned out better than I had expected... so I definitely will be doin'-it-myself more often in the future because it was so much fun!

I did however rip a hole too far below my butt, which prompted me to rip a second hole closer to my butt, which means I've got two rips below my right butt cheek, and that looks a little funny... but whatever.
Top, Bottom & Leaf Necklace: F21 Sweater & Shoes: Vintage Belt: Target Jewelry: F21, UO, Vintage

Tonight was fantabulous, minus the last hour when I was certain that I was going to faint from feet pain (4-inch heels, sans platform, plus walking around for hours = bad idea). I totally snuck to the back and stuffed myself silly with hor d'oeurves (sp?) and ate loads and loads of candy from the world's most adorable tea shop ever.

Felt extremely insecure for about two hours while these two giraffe-like humans paraded around in painfully stunning bridal dresses, and found out one of the models was only sixteen years old. I was so sure she was at least 23 - she was like 5'9, had the most stunning face I'd ever seen, fully developed - I mean, the girl actually had serious boobage.

SELF:: Delusions from late night/early morning

SELF:: My first PR event!