VANITY FAIR:: Dress-up Thursdays

For some odd reason, my friend Catherine noted that everyone was particularly dressed up on and around campus yesterday (which let me just say is quite rare in Berkeley, where people have a tendency to rock their Uggs with sweatpants everyday).
On another note, I worked last night and managed to get a splintered fishbone in the palm of my hand, and didn't realize it till this afternoon. It was bothering me all day but I hadn't a clue as to why... the fishbone is the same color as my palm - white - and so I thought I just had a cut on my hand and the fishbone was a part of my skin, but noooooooooo... I was wrong. An f-ing splintered fishbone! Are you kidding me?! Make that reason #93 why I despise bussing.

Yep, you heard me right - I am the busboy, no, scratch that, busgirl actually, at a restaurant... which means wearing cute 3-inch ankle boots with my Marios Schwab dress would cast me in the same category as that girl - you know, that girl who goes to the gym and runs on the treadmill wearing giant hoop earrings and loads of eyeliner, in Uggs.

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