My outfit today isn't all that spectacular, but after getting bored of just taking landscape shots with the new camera my poppa gave me, I thought I'd try some self-portraits.

So my skills with the new camera is seriously lacking, I've yet to explore the manual settings of the camera since it's a Canon SLR with full automatic and manual capabilities. Now I wish I had paid attention in 12th grade when Mr. Woods (my photography teacher) was speaking in what I figured was another language... "adjust the aperture like so... [blah blah blah] shutter... depth of field..."

Disclaimer: photo has been toyed with via imaging programs.
Top: Jigsaw-London Shorts: A&F Belt: H&M? UO? Necklace: UO Ring: Vintage Bracelets: Vintage/H&M Jacket: H&M Shoes (not pictured): Snakeskin flats from UO

SELF:: Final Project

VANITY FAIR:: 83 degrees and I still wear black