SELF:: Ooh ah eee ah ah!

Okay, um, let's talk about these leggings and tights (from Pixie Market) - they make me go "oooh ah eee ah ah...." I'll admit, these are pretty difficult to pull off, and I definitely don't see myself actually strutting my stuff in them, but I can still admire people who wear them with attitude.

The cut-out leggings (on the left) are much like A. Wang's Fall '09 RTW (see them here) except even Mr. Wang's artistic vision for these leggings received little recognition. Ouch.
Now these shoes from Urban Outfitters have been on my mind for some time, and I know they're a tad ugly, but I like them. The price is fair, so why am I hesitating to order them? Oh right, because I'm broke. So until then... help?! Try to convince me not to buy them? OR please, please, please tell me that those shoes are an absolute must for Spring.

VANITY FAIR:: 83 degrees and I still wear black

SELF:: Splurge