SELF:: If I ruled the world...

I've noticed that every time I go shopping, I tend to wear the most obnoxious outfits. Those ridiculous outfits that require me to sit down on the dirty dressing room floor, untie my double-knotted laces, loosen the laces completely, pull the shoes off my feet, take off my ankle socks, maneuver my way out of the jumpsuit, peel off the skin-tight tights, only to be left in my bra and underwear. (And what a pain it is to put all that back on afterwards.) These outfits are also problematic because if I plan on trying on pants, then I better have brought a shirt to try on as well, and if I plan on trying on tops... well... let's just say it looks pretty darn wrong when you slip on a leather jacket with nothing but your bra and grandma undies on. So here's an outfit I would wear, ideally, to go shopping (and this assumes I'm wealthy beyond belief, of course):Photobucket

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