SELF:: Graduation countdown begins

For some reason, this big event has incidentally been shoved to the back of my mind, and it hit me this weekend that I have a little less than six weeks remaining before the 3rd biggest day of my life (1st being birth - nod to Allison for remembering being born is kind of a big day, 2nd being marriage but that's relative). Lots to do, and I'm really for the first time in my life I think, feeling the time crunch. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Ay yi yi. I'm not that excited. My only focus at this point is getting through this week and hopefully passing all of my classes with no more than one C in Psycholinguistics, which I am surrendering my intelligence to. Bummer. I have a whole list of pros and cons for this graduation deal thingie. Here's the abridged version:

1. I get to start my internship at RP and really devote time to it.
2. No more homework.
3. More time to work which hopefully will result in more money which will hopefully further result in more clothes?
4. More time to do things that I enjoy - reading for pleasure, blogging, photography, taking classes in drawing or dance or whatever else floats my boat.

1. No clue what I'm doing with my life post-graduation (this one equates two "pros" because its such a big "con").
2. Life really, I mean, begins. If I thought making good grades were stressful, boy am I in for a seriously rude awakening.
3. Financial responsibility, totally and completely, on my own.
4. I get to pay back my loans, which I unnecessarily blew on clothes, and I can't bring myself to regret those decisions but argh, it hurts to think about. It's going to feel like I'm giving my paychecks away... argh.
5. Sign that I'm actually approaching my mid-twenties. Holy crap, that sounds so f-ing scary. MID-TWENTIES?! Uh... eek.
6. No more spring breaks, no more real summers... need I say more about that?

Okay, maybe I'm being a tad bit biased. I know more pros will arise in time. For now, I'll just go and blissfully do my last bits of remedial college homework.

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