IN STYLE:: Sasha Pivovarova

When it comes to models, I pretty much know close to nil. Their names are often far too difficult to pronounce, and considering that I don't even know all my food and spice names yet (i.e saucisson sec - a type of dry, French salami - who knew?!), I figure I shouldn't even bother start to learn the Kzsyzofasdfksi-type model names.

Nevertheless, I am familiar with the pretty faces in the industry, just as I am familiar with the yummy foods that inhabit my tummy, and when those pretty faces have style like Sasha Pivovarova, I make it a point to remember their names - no matter how difficult. Hers isn't too bad.

My first virtual encounter with Sasha was a little over a month ago (see here) - I saw a picture of her on Facehunter and immediately fell in love with her style. Unbeknown to me was that she is a model, and friend of Gemma Ward. Oops. Anyhow, I saw her again today in the picture below (via Jak & Jil) in a very similar outfit, and well, recognized her immediately.

So I did some research, and now I feel a sense of closeness with Sasha. We're like this (fingers crossed).

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