BAZAAR:: If I can't own it, I blog it...

So I see these beautiful ankle boots from Forever 21 and can't believe my luck.
They are the last pair, I grab them, look at the bottom of one and it's a size 6.
I check the price. They are on sale for $18.99. Seriously, I'm thinking that even though my car got towed this morning from the parking lot of my own apartment, my luck is turning.
I walk to the cash wrap with my new lovers proudly wrapped in my arms.
The cashier eyes me enviously and I think: Yep, these babies are mine and I'm not giving them up...
She checks the shoes, a little more carefully than is usual, looks up at me and says, "You realize that the left shoe is a size 7, right?"
I walk out of the store angry and lover-less.
These shoes are no longer sold online and no stores in my area carry them. They are SOLD OUT.
Lesson to be learned: F-ing sh*t, I should have bought them anyway. They were THAT cute.

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