SELF:: Thanks to a dear friend

I am hereby taking the time to give thanks to my dear friend Alexandra, whose lovely blog you should regularly peruse in addition to this amazing one, of course. Without Al (obviously Alexandra is waaaaaay too long to say or type), I would never have perfected, wait no, would never have even contemplated the art of thrifting and vintage shopping. This is however, no longer the case. I have managed to find the needle (or needles), so to speak, amidst mounds and mounds of haystacks. Take for example, I found a darling little fur vest today at Salvation Army (which typically looks like a jungle) for... drum roll please... 3 dollars! Holla. You will see it soon, pinkie promise.

I am trying to cope with this OCD of feeling itchy whenever I walk in (and out) of second-hand clothing stores, and I must say, it's getting better. My only concern at this point is... how the heck do you clean a fur vest? I suppose dry cleaning must be my only option?

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