VANITY FAIR:: Spring forward day

Today, Sunday - another less than productive day. Had two non-fat iced vanilla lattes however, and they were delicious. Went to a study session for my visual communications midterm on Tuesday. Visited Flight 001, Jigsaw-London and Aveda. I am currently really behind on my fashion blog reading - if you could only see my Google Reader feed. It's horrendous. I'm afraid to look, except for the fact that it's set as my browser home-page. Argh.I'm really tired today, sorry for the blah tone of voice. This is rare, I swear. Rare, I Swear.

What I wore today:
Top: Jigsaw-London Tights & Socks: UO Scarf: D&Y Sweater-coat & shoes: Vintage

IN STYLE:: Beauty

VANITY FAIR:: Fugly fit #1