So much for St. Patty's

Unfortunately, after a rather fun Tuesday night in celebration of St. Patrick, I awoke the next morning with a fever of 100.3. I've spent the whole day in bed and couldn't even bring myself to turn over on my bed, grab my laptop (which is located so conveniently right next to the bed) and catch up with whatever fashion news fills my home-page.

However, before I let another day pass without blogging about


, here are two pictures that sort of brightened my day, or at the very least, distracted me from wanting to vomit.


Because she looks so darn beautiful. And while it may have made me feel worse because there I was, eyes puffy, nose red, hair jumbled and as disorderly as a circus clown's (and I have straight hair), laying in bed making every effort not to visit the bathroom again, the photo still temporarily relieved any inclination of ill-feeling.


[images taken from Coco+Kelley]

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