VOGUE:: Muppets make a comeback

Two things:
1. These girls are f-ing beautiful - the pale skin, light blue eyes and orangish lips, I think I'm really liking that lip color for Spring.

2. Check those hair accessories (and the hair) - I'm pretty much obsessed with hair things, headbands, hair-ties, hairpins, head scarves, hats... you name it. [image taken from]

I may have mentioned this already, but this is the first fashion week that I've loyally followed, and even so, I'm slow and have been really busy and thus haven't gotten a chance to look at most of the collections.

However! I have seen JCDC's collection and while it's pretty funky, out there, and just plain nutty, I am quite enthusiastic about it. Here are a few reasons why:
1. White hair has never looked so good.
2. Zippers and leopard print fur? Um... definitely definitely.
3. I missed the plaid fad, but apparently it's still in, except with bigger, bulkier squares and four-combo colors!
4. A simple dress in an otherwise out of the ordinary collection - big bow and fur trimmings...
5. Muppets!!!! KERMIT!!!!! Need I say more?
6. That little top hat.
7. The mergence of fashion and old-time cartoons like the Muppets; the mergence of fashion and stuffed animals? Strange it is but it's still art, it's still expression.

QUOTE:: Oh Erin

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