SELF:: Internship on lock!

Before the weekend officially kicks off, I wanted to to first thank everyone who actually takes the time to read what I write, which is often stupid. It is a work in progress, always under construction, so please do feel free to leave comments of criticism or encouragement (insert happy face here). But really, criticism is as welcome as encouragement, if not more, because it's the only way for me to know how to improve this niche blog of mine.

Second of all, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've landed an amazing fashion PR internship in Berkeley. It was quite an intense interview process, and I must say that I am so absurdly happy that I've received such a stupendous opportunity. The best advice I can give so far (which isn't much) is that persistence and enthusiasm pays off, so always always always let those characteristics be a part of your personal traits.
Where I will be working... (insert 1st stupid smirk from myself here)
Where the boss works.... (insert 2nd stupid smirk from myself here)

I went out tonight (hence this extremely late night post) and am slightly tipsy at the moment, but sober enough to avoid spelling errors. Hah! Pictures of my fugly fit will come later (camera died from overuse) but stay tuned because it'll be worth your time. I've decided to post some of the worst and some of the best... never realized my mouth was so big (and not in a good way). You'll see what I mean.

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