SELF:: Hot stuff

This is to show you what an e-tard (egotistical-tard) I am sometimes:

Who: Catherine, myself, and some random guy (here forth referred to as Random Guy or Him)
Where: Free Speech Movement Cafe at UC Berkeley
When: Today at 12:45 p.m
What happened? See dialogue below.

Catherine: I am so cold.
Me: I am so hot! I'm wearing four layers! See?
I show her my four layers
Catherine: So do you want a coffee or a Redbull?
Me: I'm too warm to have a coffee, and when I'm warm, I need something cold because otherwise it'll put me to sleep. So Redbull! Because it makes me happy.
Catherine: Okay.
She pays and I step aside to let her pay.
Random guy walks up next to me.
Random guy: So you're the hot one.
I examine him, flattered...
Me: Awww, that's really sweet! Thank you. Yes, I am!
He looks at me like I'm a nut, and flushes.
Him: Oh, um... I was standing behind you and I overheard you say that you were hot... as in warm?

Seriously? Ugh.

SELF:: 2000-2004

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