Calling out to all Twilighters

I'm sure you don't need reminding (especially if you're a Twilight fanatic), that the DVD comes out in 2 days. So make sure you have your copy reserved or pre-paid for, because I have a feeling it's going to go

FAST, faster than Edward can run.


Secret: I have a school-girl crush on Robert Pattinson. But really, who doesn't?

My dear friend Allison is working on a project/blog entry that will feature appropriate fashion fits for those trying to lure in their own sexy vampires (i.e - Edward, except he's taken). She makes use of some of the trends featured in the recent fashion weeks, which is quite apt considering the frequent usage of black in many collections. Stay tuned for that as I will be posting a link to her hilarious blog soon.

Hiatus #1

A new mag. called Lurve