VOGUE:: Accessory frenzy

I think I'm infatuated with the Spring trend of bib/old lady necklaces (i.e below), something about their loudness and gaudiness just speaks to me. It's a nice "new" addition to the various other Spring trends that really aren't very different from the last few seasons - i.e sheer, mini-skirts, cage shoes (which are some variation or another of gladiator shoes), drawstring bags, etc.

Another thing that has caught my eye in the Fall '09 collections and even some of the Spring '09 collections are fingerless gloves, particularly those with rhinestones or those leather ones that frequented this recent fashion week (maybe not the furry gorilla arm gloves though). The one directly below is neither with rhinestone nor leather, but easily changeable with a bagful of DIY gems/stones from somewhere like Michael's.
Fingerless lace gloves and bow necklace are from Forever 21.
[rest of image taken from]
First-run Maria Cornejo Monster Mittens.
[image taken from]
So YAY for accessories and come hither, Spring!

SELF:: Thanks to a dear friend

Love is in the air!