a long time coming...

i'm turning twenty-one in a few months... i've been twenty for ten. too short. what's beyond that golden age aside from a fast lane to seniority is a mystery i'd rather leave unsolved. shame the choice is not mine. i must say though, i am looking forward to a celebration celebrating my twenty-one years of existence in which the wonderful american government finally grants me the right to enjoy my liberties as i have for the past five years. the big, brawny security guards will no longer have to apologize pitifully as they examine my underage i.d card.

sure, in a few years, i will probably complain about how they no longer question my age and how i must look second-rate to my underage competitors. but that will be then, this is now.

today, i worked a long shift which will hopefully result in overtime pay. the big guy knows i need the money. and that is about all i did today. not much excitement. perhaps tomorrow i will have a better story to tell.

by the way, i think our society feeds too much off of celebrities like paris hilton and lindsay lohan. the girls might have good business sense, but that's about all the good they possess thus far. sure, these girls are hot and they're successful at making girls (including me) envious. and that, is totally steering young women in the wrong direction! i find myself splurging the very little money i have so i can get my fix of glamour; luckily, i have enough sense to realize cocaine and rehab are BAD. but all the other young girls who feel the stings of peer pressure and have not yet enough self-esteem to say "no"? they're not as fortunate. the time, money and effort they put in to be beautiful and desirable is nearly always wasteful. it's almost easier to be smart than it is to be beautiful. but beauty still perseveres?